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1.  A feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress.

Design is who we are.

Each commission brings with it a unique set of issues and specific requirements that form the parameters of our design vision and influence our creative direction. The result: customized planning, interior design, architectural solutions and construction methods that are innovative, timeless, sustainable, functional and beautiful.

Yusra Design's projects range from academic, commercial/office mixed-use developments, healthcare, religious sanctuaries, and residential. Clients come to us for our real estate savvy, our ability to provide strategic design services in a broad number of project types and styles, and our skill in blending high quality planning and architecture with practical goals of building performance, budget and schedule.

Knowing that projects can be a stressful environment we make it our utmost important goal that we take the stress away from our clients and provide them with Yusra.